Trade and Construction Industries

If you are in the trade or construction industries, you’ll know how busy your days can be. You can become bogged down with paperwork, find it impossible to fit it into your workday. So to compensate you burn the midnight oil, or give up your weekends to ensure staff and invoices are paid on time. Sound familiar? Then you may be crying out for better efficiency, but you may be  in the dark about how to improve your processes.

That’s where Bidwell Accountancy come in. By recommending the right apps we can put you on the path to success, while removing your admin headaches. In this blog, We’ll cover some of the common challenges to running a successful trade and construction business and how apps can help.

Trade and construction challenges

Running a trade and construction business can be demanding. As well as the need to improve work-life balance and manage admin smarter, trade and construction companies often need help with understanding profitability and improving their workflows.

For your company to maximise profit, you’ll need to have a detailed view of your business than the bottom line alone. By being able to view time spent on each individual job, plus your customers, debtors and suppliers, you’ll gains a much better understanding of how profitable you are, and what levers are available to improve your profitability.

Many trade and construction companies use subcontractors, making workflows increasingly complicated as the number and type of employees vary from project-to-project. Paper-based systems can’t keep up, making managing these type of jobs even more challenging.

So how can Bidwell Accountancy help you?

With the right Xero-integrated apps, it’s easier and faster for you to send quotes, invoices and accept payment from your clients. This not only gives you your evenings and weekends back, but also helps your company become more profitable and reach your goals.

“Many of the clients who come to us are running paper-based systems with lots of duplication.” said John Pratt, Managing Director at Bidwell Accountancy “Once we get clients set up with the right software their efficiency greatly improves. With the right apps, communication becomes easy and because everyone in the business has access to the same real-time information, they’re all on the same page.”

“With the right apps, clients can access this real-time information and run their business on the go, via their smartphone. For example, it’s possible to invoice onsite. This gives our clients so much more time back in their day so when they get home they can ‘turn off’, which is great for their work life balance. With online payment facilities set up, they can get paid faster too.”

How you can start implementing this for your business?

With Bidwell Accountancy being Gold Partners with Xero, now is the perfect time to take control of your business.

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