Bidwell accountancy was set up 10 years ago by John Pratt, with the simple goal of helping small businesses thrive by giving world class service.

Starting as a solo accountant in Milton Keynes, the goal was to grow a practice with clear client communication and incredible service being at the heart of what we do.

Having listened to clients that joined us, we found many of them felt neglected by their previous accountant, feeling fed up with just getting a large bill and ‘set of accounts’ every year.

“I only ever spoke to my last accountant once or twice a year”

We quickly adopted an online approach, becoming a gold Xero partner. Learning quickly, we grew our knowledge and we started to implement other popular software’s such as Quickbooks and Receipt Bank.

Software’s that remove manual admin processes associated with ‘doing your accounts’ and give more time back, to spend with family & friends.

The online approach and clear communication set us apart in the market. As accountants, most people expect us to be numbers focused. But the industry has been evolving…

With the evolution in accounting technology came a better way of working with our clients. No longer do our clients need to hold onto receipts, print bank statements or write out invoices on Microsoft Word. All of this data is securely online and our clients can see it whenever and wherever.

We changed the game.

Clients would come to us expecting mountains of paperwork. That’s just not us. We work tirelessly to remove paper from your business so that you can have more room to focus on growing.

We also made the switch to start charging monthly for our services, so that you can better control cashflow… no longer needing to worry about a large accounting bill at the end of the year.

Today Bidwell accountancy has a head office in Linford Wood, Milton Keynes with 5 members of staff. Because we are always looking to get better ourselves, our clients naturally see the benefit.

We have implemented the cashflow software Fluidly for our clients. Now our clients can see their real-time cashflow position so that they worry less and make better financial business decisions.

We’ve changed so much over the last 10 years and it’s exciting to see where we’ll end up next. Whilst ambitious, our core values are still the same. Clear, accessible communication and world class customer service.

If you don’t like speaking to your accountant regularly or implementing online technology, that can change the way you work for the better, then we’re not the accountants for you.

If you want to get back your Sunday evenings to spend doing something you love, as well as growing your business by better understanding the numbers, then it’s time for a chat.

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Managing Director
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Account Manager
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Account Manager
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Account Manager
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Office Manager
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