Virtual finance director

Finance Directors can be difficult to find, costly to hire and very often businesses don’t need one full-time. So, at Bidwell Accountancy, we wanted to offer businesses a cost-effective, speedy and flexible alternative to a full-time Finance Director.

Our Virtual Finance Director Service enables you to have an experienced Finance Director for an agreed number of hours each month, in an affordable way.

Bidwell Accountancy has a wealth of knowledge and experience and our Virtual Finance Directors have worked in small, large and expanding businesses, so not only do they understand the finance function, but they can provide business knowledge and commercial acumen as well as financial leadership.

Virtual Finance Director Services offered by Bidwell Accountancy:

  • Business Planning
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Financial Controls (designing and implementing)
  • Annual Budgets
  • Accounting System Implementation
  • Recruiting, managing and retaining Financial Department staff
  • Raising Business Finance
  • Remuneration Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Commercial Support
  • Exit Planning and Support

Dedicated to you

We will work with you to determine the number of hours and level of support that you need, starting from as little as 3 hours each month.

Bidwell Accountancy are passionate about supporting businesses with high-quality financial leadership at a fixed and affordable monthly cost.

Working with you

We realise that businesses may be concerned that they have the necessary and appropriate controls in place to measure and minimise risks and maximise opportunities as well as support in making the right decisions.

Your Virtual Finance Director is always available by phone and email as well as in person when you need them. They will work alongside you with the interests of your business in mind and offer a level of guidance and expertise that would often be otherwise inaccessible.

Whether you are looking to grow your business over the coming months, years and decades, through raising investment capital, overseas expansion or organically; or you are considering putting an exit strategy in place, our Virtual Finance Director Service will assist you in achieving your business goals.

Steven Richardson

I met John from Bidwell at a networking event, at that time I was not looking for a new accountant but there was something about him that made me feel I needed to change, after a free meeting with John I then realised It was in  my companies best interest to change and I have not looked back since.

The service these guys provide is a cut above the rest, for example I had a letter and I was unsure what it meant and called John straight away, after a 10 minute chat he explained and I was feeling better, its not till a few weeks later I found out he was on holiday with his family.  His personal touch is outstanding and with his help my company is doing very well and I thank John and the team

Helena K

Excellent service from all the team, very helpful and patient when you don’t know things, and always there when you need advice.
Special thanks to John for his knowledge and professional proactive care throughout the years we worked with him.
Would certainly recommend!

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